Responses to the Albums of Slovakia

          The two albums named Slovakia coming from the author workshop of the Architect Jozef Huntier can be rated among interesting activities of edition of the recent period. In the fourteen colour reproductions (the first album A4 size and the second – postcard – A6 size) the author captures unique, dominant buildings of historical architecture of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, the national cultural historical monument, Devín Castle, and the beauties of nature of the High Tatra Mountains.
          The artistic works of Mr. Huntier contained in the albums have regard to the newest and the most modern principles of composition of architectonical space: a chosen dominant design, diversity of colours, contrast, lyricism and dynamism of the drawing. They are composed in one size, in a graphical and colour harmony. When creating the drawings, the author synthesized the many-years-long experience from the artistic activities, atelier works and research at the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava.  
          Both albums, whose editors are Zuzana Huntierová and Jozef Huntier, were released from the printing works of Elenprint Bratislava this year. The editors of this unique activity of edition in this way contribute not only to the propagation of historical architecture, connected with extraordinary historic landmarks and events of our nation, but also to the propagation of the beauties of nature at home, as well as abroad. The positive of both albums is the fact that the text providing information about each drawing is, besides the Slovak language, also in the English, German and French version.
          The highly artistically portrayed pictures by their unique artistic image predetermine their wide-scale use. The albums certainly should find their place at the embassies of the Slovak Republic abroad. We are convinced that they are unique artefacts that can be used to propagate tourism in Slovakia, as well as abroad. Anyway, probably the most important purchasers of the albums should be the art schools, but also the other types and kinds of schooling institutions, above all primary and secondary schools, and last, but not least the culture-enlightenment institutions, as well as various nation-oriented clubs, associations, and other subjects participating at the education to national and Christian traditions. The artefacts presenting the big historical, cultural and artistic value of our nation can be used by the schooling and culture-enlightenment establishments as part of the educational and cultivating activities, aimed at shaping of a meaningful national conscience, pride and patriotism of the young generation.

PaedDr.  Miroslav Holečko
"Národná osveta" magazine ("The National Enlightenment") 20/99

          In his student years, as well as after graduation, he has been devoting his time to a graphical record of vedute (views) of the old town, with a view of the streets of Slovak and foreign cities. The expression of doc. ing. arch. J. Huntier is architectonical in nature. A solid outline, bounded surface, realistic record of shape – these are symbolical for his work. Accountability and logic of the recorded shape stems from the knowledge of organic natural elements, such as tree, stone etc.
          Despite all this, the lyricism cannot be excluded from his last works, which are, by using a combined painting technique, brought to other positions than in his initial works. The creative attempts of the pedagogue J. Huntier supplement his works as an architect, who in the framework of the atelier works has been educating a number of graduated architects.
PhDr. Ľubomíra Fašangová
to an exhibition in the Hall of Laco Novomeský 10/80

          Jozef  H u n t i e r  in his drawings-paintings sees the forest as architecture, a solid three-dimensional space from roots to the very tops. His Old Bratislava is an distinguished sample of architectonical drawing-painting, which does not satisfy itself with the mere documentary record, but promotes it to art.

Juraj Fuchs
The "Práca" daily 10/80

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